Working on a fishing or shipping vessel can often be a dangerous job. One thing that workers often have to look out for is falling hazards. Whether you fall from a high place or slip on the deck of the ship, you can get seriously injured. Fortunately, you should at least receive compensation when you do get hurt. Depending on the circumstances, you might actually have multiple avenues for pursuing compensation. A Snohomish County commercial fishing injury lawyer from our firm can help you.

What Are Common Hazards on a Fishing or Shipping Vessel?

There are plenty of slipping and tripping hazards on the typical fishing or shipping vessel. Things to look out for include:

  • Improperly stored cargo or equipment
  • Missing railings or gratings
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Missing warning signs
  • Broken or improper safety equipment
  • Poor weather conditions, like rain, wind, and hail

Poor training can also lead to safety issues. It’s important that all workers on a ship are properly trained and operating as safely as possible. When they don’t have the proper knowledge or good practices, that can lead to major problems.

What Kind of Compensation Will I Recieve After Falling on a Fishing or Shipping Vessel?

After a fall on a fishing or shipping vessel, you need to inform your employer right away. Once you do, you should be eligible for “maintenance and cure” benefits. These are available to any seaman who gets hurt on a vessel, no matter who is at fault for an injury. “Maintenance” helps out with living expenses, like your food and housing costs. “Cure” covers medical costs. You should receive both benefits until you are ready to work again or additional treatments would not be helpful.

Can I Sue For Additional Damages?

In some cases, maintenance and cure benefits are not the only compensation you should receive. You should be aware of two important protections for maritime workers and seamen:

The Doctrine of Unseaworthiness: The owner of a vessel needs to make sure that it is well-maintained and seaworthy. If you were injured because a fishing or shipping vessel was not seaworthy, you may have a claim.

The Jones Act: This law is specifically meant to protect seamen who get injured. If you believe that your employer’s negligence contributed to your injury you may be able to sue for additional damages.

When Do I Need an Attorney?

It’s important to make sure that you are getting all of the benefits that you should after an injury. If you suspect that negligence may have played a role in your accident, then you should explore options like the Jones Act. A lawyer from our firm can help you figure out what types of compensation you can pursue.

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