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Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Everett, WA

Helping You Get The Compensation You Need To Move Forward With Your Life

Amy C Brown Law is here to help you navigate the legal process after being involved in a car or maritime accident
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A Client Testimonial:

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"Amy, we cannot thank you enough for all of the work you did for us. Despite many delays - all on us, you maintained a patient and helpful demeanor. Your assistance with providing witnesses for us was also greatly appreciated. You are a credit to your profession!"
Jerry C. via Google

Giving You The Legal Support & Attention You Deserve

Have you recently been in a car accident or experienced a maritime injury? At Amy C Brown Law, I focus on personal injury cases for residents in Washington and Alaska. Navigating the legal process can seem daunting — and that’s exactly what I am here to help you with. You are a human being, and you will always be treated like one here. No jargon. No beating around the bush. I will be honest, communicative and approachable from the very beginning.

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My Client First Pledge

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When you work with me, this is what you can automatically expect:
I treat you as I would want my family to be treated
I don’t use legal jargon with you
I make your case a priority
I update you regularly
I respond to you promptly
Only pay if I win your personal injury case
I treat you with respect
I can update you via email, text, phone and / or video chat
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Personal Injury

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Sympathy | Strategy | Success

When you experience a personal injury, it can be a difficult and upsetting time. Trying to navigate personal injury law can be complex and let’s face it, you don’t need the additional stress. At Amy C Brown Law, I start by understanding your situation, then I walk you through the process and give you an honest, free evaluation. My goal is to help you get the justice you deserve so that you can move forward with your life once again.

Vehicle Accidents

In our state alone, a traffic accident occurs every 4 minutes. A person dies every 20 hours in a car accident. In 2017, 525 people died in our state due to a traffic accident. There nearly 36,000 people injured in collisions. In total, there almost 120,000 traffic accidents in our state alone. With the increase of distracted driving-related car accidents, those numbers will likely increase.

Insurance companies do all they can to reduce how much they pay on a claim. That is one crucial reason it is in your best interest for you to seek legal counsel. At Amy C Brown Law, you don’t pay me unless I get you paid. Initial consultations are free, so you have nothing to lose.

What should I do after a vehicle accident?

Seek medical care as soon as possible.

There are many cases where a client did not think they were injured. They felt fine immediately after the crash only to feel worse and worse hours, days, even weeks after. You must understand that whiplash is a brain injury. A high percentage of accidents involve whiplash. It is possible someone could suffer serious injury if they are not seen by a medical professional.

Try and get the contact information of any witnesses.

Get the other driver’s contact information. If law enforcement responds, get the case number.

Take photographs.

It is so important to take photos of the vehicles involved in the accident. Even if the vehicles had to be moved to keep people safe, still take pictures of all vehicles involved. Make sure you include the license plates of every vehicle. Take photos of the surrounding area. For example, if there was a tree that was blocking your view or lights that did not work. Take pictures, and even video.

Do not admit fault to anyone.

Just take a deep breath. If people start asking questions, it is okay to tell them that you are stressed due to the accident and need time to calm down. Amy C Brown Law can help you through the next steps and ensure your rights are protected.

Why it is essential to hire a smart, experienced lawyer

Amy C Brown has handled countless injury claims for and against insurance companies. I have the training and experience you need on your side. I know what arguments insurance companies will make because I used to work for them. When it comes to personal injury, you need someone with a deep understanding of the insurance profession. Amy C Brown Law provides that knowledge and experience.

I ensure that your rights are protected and use experience and knowledge to create a strategy that will get you what you deserve. Please do not try and go at it alone. It costs you nothing to call me, but it could cost you thousands not to.

Maritime Injury

Maritime law is a special niche of the injury law segment. There are various laws that require special training and experience that relate specifically to members of the maritime community. The Jones Act governs a large portion of the legal space fisherman and crew members are protected by.

Amy C Brown Law has the experience and knowledge necessary to handle maritime cases so that you get the value you deserve.

Pedestrian Accidents

Distracted driving is becoming more of a problem for other drivers and pedestrians alike. Drivers have a responsibility to be aware of pedestrians on and near the roadway. Even a low-speed crash with a pedestrian can cause injuries not visible on the scene.

Amy C Brown has helped clients who have been injured by vehicles on the road. You need an experienced lawyer to try and get your medical bills, wages and other responsibilities are paid for. Knowledge and experience can help you ensure your rights are protected.

A Client Testimonial

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"Mrs Brown did an amazing job on a difficult auto injury case with pre existing conditions. She was extremely knowledgeable of law and procedures which undoubtedly provided a better settlement then I was expecting!!"
Dan C. via Facebook
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Estate Planning

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Did you know that if you own any piece of property and if you have children, a will can direct where your property goes or who will raise your children if the need arises. As difficult as it can be to think about, a will is a gift to those you will leave behind.

A will is part of a broader estate package that contains documents such as a healthcare directive (living will), health care power of attorney, and financial power of attorney. Amy C Brown Law has an estate planning package that contains all those documents specially tailored for your situation.

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Our Process

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Set Up Meeting

You can call or email to set up a meeting that can take place over the phone or via Zoom with your attorney.


Sign Representation Documents

Next, you would sign the representation documents electronically and pay a flat fee for the services online.


Schedule Meeting To Finalize Documents

Once the documents are drafted, we will schedule a meeting to sign, witness and notarize the documents. Outdoor and socially distanced options are available for this.

Reach out to Amy C Brown Law today to begin the process so you can leave your loved ones in the right way:

A Client Testimonial

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"Amy was efficient, easy to work with and had great availability to suit our needs. Our materials were prepared with great care. We’d absolutely see her again and would recommend her to anyone looking for estate planning services."
Megan via Google
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Passionate Representation

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Hi there, thank you for visiting my website.

I love practicing law because it can level the playing field. The law can give the unheard a voice and right the wrongs people like you are facing. I work with clients who want what is fair; what is right. They do not want a messy, loud and drawn out case. I get results not by yelling at opposing counsel or disrespecting their client, but by the strategic and diligent pursuit of your legal rights.

Compassion, diligence and professionalism are qualities that guide me in helping clients obtain positive outcomes so they can move past a difficult time in their lives. I follow a positive, "get more bees with honey” approach in my practice. I bring experience, unique insight, tenacity and a strong record to guide your case through to the best result.

Whichever law firm you choose to help you navigate your unique situation, it is imperative that they genuinely listen to you and your concerns. Your attorney must understand that you are not just another client; your case is unique to you. At Amy C Brown Law you’ll understand what it is like to work with a firm that puts clients first.

Contact me for a free consultation. You’ll speak with an attorney, not a case worker or paralegal. I can answer your questions and get you going in the right direction.


Amy C. Brown

Amy C. Brown, Esq.

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